Strong support for weight loss proven by clinical study

The approved slimming product formoline L112 is the only medical device with a pioneering long-term clinical study¹ performed over 12 months.
This study confirms its enormous efficacy. The participants were able to reduce their waistline by more than 13 cm and lose more than 12 kg of weight as a part of moderate diet and increased physical activity.

¹ Cornelli U, Belcaro G, Recchia M, D’Orazio N. Long-Term Treatment of Overweight and Obesity with Polyglucosamine (PG L112): Randomized Study Compared with Placebo in Subjects after Caloric Restriction. Curr Dev Nutr. 2017 Sep 22;1(10):e000919. Doi: 10.3945/cdn.117.000919.

Your extra-strong „calorie magnet“ to help you lose weight

formoline L112 EXTRA is a further development of the tried and tested formoline L112, with a 50% increase of the highly effective fibre L112. It was developed specifically for overweight persons weighing 75 kg and more. After all, the volume of food eaten increases along with the body’s weight. formoline L112 EXTRA can support you lose weight even better now.

The particulary attractive way of losing weight more easily
L112, which has been tried and tested a million times, acts as a strong calorie magnet and draws up to 2/3 of the high-calorie dietary fats. The bound fat calories are no longer available to the body. Start now!

Weight loss made easier and weight management

Calories disappear but the pleasure remains with formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA: the smart choice for easy weight reduction and keeping a healthy weight.

The unique L112 highly effective fibre, derived from natural sources, binds most of the absorbed dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract so that these calories cannot be absorbed by the body.

formoline L112 is Germany’s best-known slimming product. The performance and tolerability of formoline L112 are scientifically proven and supported by longstanding and millionfold applications.

formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA are lipid binders

• For weight reduction
• For weight management

With LDL cholesterol-lowering accompanying effect

Simple application

For weight reduction, take 2 formoline L112 or formoline L112 EXTRA tablets twice daily with the two meals having the highest fat content.
For weight management, the dose can be reduced to 2 tablets a day.

Swallow the tablets whole with plenty of low-calorie fluid (at least 250 ml) to ensure that they are transported to the stomach. Since formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA is a high-fibre preparation, please make sure that you drink enough fluids, at least 2 litres daily. formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA are easily tolerated and suitable for long-term use.

Contraindications: Allergy to crustacean products. Side effects: very rarely digestive problems. Please also read the instructions for use carefully. (This information does not include all of the instructions for use. You can download the instruction for use of formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA here.)

How L112 dietary fibre works

formoline L112 works in a simple way and supports you in your goals of maintaining and losing weight with the clever strategy:

  1. The unique fibre of the natural origin L112 attracts calories like a strong magnet and binds most of the dietary fats that pass through the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. The bound fat calories are no longer available to the body.
  3. Excessive pounds will melt off faster – also around the waist, on the legs and other problem areas. Thanks to the resulting calorie deficit, the organism burns up its own fat reserves and makes the body slimmer. 

The formoline success strategy

Keeping healthy and maintaining your weight is a realistic goal with formoline’s smart strategy of a balanced diet and reduced calorie intake. The yo-yo effect becomes a thing of the past.

Weight reduction without compromising taste
The highly effective lipid binders formoline L112 and formoline L112 EXTRA help you lose weight without completely giving-up fat as a taste enhancer. For optimal weight loss, we recommend that you scale down your daily fat intake to no more than 60-80g and pay particular attention to the quality of fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, etc., that you consume.

Small goals – big results
Set small goals because fast weight reduction strains the body and is less healthy. It is important that you feel healthy! Regular physical activity is important as it supports weight loss and ensures long-term success. If you are planning drastic changes to your diet or significant weight loss, you should consult your doctor in advance.

Establish a balanced diet gradually and take formoline L112 or formoline L112 EXTRA with the two meals that have the highest fat content. This way, you can cut your calorie intake on a daily basis.

Maintain your desired weight
Even after you have reached your goal, you should continue to monitor your calorie intake and physical activity levels. This way, you will be able to maintain your healthy target weight. Here, too, formoline L112 and high-dose formoline L112 EXTRA can provide effective support, because, thanks to their good tolerability, both products are also suitable for long-term use.

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